Pruning and Succession (P&S)

Pruning and Succession (P&S) as a method in MCDM area consider a decision-making model and organization as an alive system in this regards by solving existing method and the software weaknesses goes beyond of them, by highlighting the role of criteria in decision model such as Vital Organs, Core, Responsive, Impressive and Neutral not just weighting of them to find priorities.

The Benefits of P&S Over Competitors

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to calculate network
  • Advanced Computing Features
  • Fixing computational problems in such a way that it is possible to calculate in all conditions
  • Calculating the negative effects on the network
  • Very good graphics that provide suitable working conditions for the user


  • Universities

    For researchers and students’ use.

  • Companies

    Public and private companies, startups, etc.

  • Management Consulting Companies

    To best consult other companies.

  • Individuals

    Managers, experts.

Pruning and Succession (P&S)

Empowering Managers & Researchers for More Accurate Decision Making.